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Hol-l-ly crap. Such a Nice year already.

Well.  Were doomed. Our president is illegally subverting our government right in front of us.

Sneaking  controversial new laws over a holiday,doing the same thing over a normal weekday (like, for instance, today.)  Check out drudge report for the latest.

Anyway, Other than that wonderful bit Of news Hopefully your holidays went without a hitch! The elder family gifted me a wonderful non-flesh eating computer full of wonderful distractions.

Oh, and the russians found a alien body.    I’m really quite skeptical of this for two reason.

1.  It looks like the widely accepted view of the proverbial “little Green Man” (Or LGM)   Why doesn’t anyone ever find a Alien that looks totally different from the stereotypical Big head skinny arms thing.

2. They found it in russia. It’s not like their known for their trustworthyness. You know, Not really.

3. Wtf.

4. Wtf?

What do you guys think?


This site is now Anti-libtard, and Pro-Israel. If you don’t like it, You can get the hell off my lawn.

Well, they did it again. The libtards created a new site called “Attack Watch

It’s supposed to Prove that O’Bugger is actually NOT killing the country one kick at a time. I have disproved them.

“The Obama administration has strengthened our borders while making our immigration system smart and fair.”

Pffff! sure, that why citizens are being shot.

“President Obama is a friend to Israel, despite unfounded claims to the contrary.”

Right, Thats why we pressured them to give up their own (literally) God-given land. Lets try doing that to Great Britain.

“President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights.”

Uh Huh. Thats why he was talking about banning gun shows and loading them with illegal venders to entrap honest citizens.

“President Obama was born in the United States and is an American citizen, period.”

Bullshit. Utter libtard bullshit. The birth certificate was obviously faked. It was reviewed by experts who also said it was faked. Period.

“By providing assistance to auto companies, President Obama saved more than a million jobs and prevented the American auto industry from collapsing.”

Oh man, And gave china how many more? I Live in close proximity to the car industry and I can tell you first hand, Its STILL not going well. And hasn’t gotten better for any length of time.

“The Affordable Care Act promotes quality, affordable health coverage for all Americans, regardless of the industry they work in or their union status.”

While forcing you to wait months for sub-standard and over priced care. Which, as a taxpayer, they will actually pay more due to the tax increase.

“President Obama is eliminating outdated regulations while strengthening commonsense standards to promote health and safety.”

Oh, Wow. And here I thought he was just golfing. Obviously this hasn’t gotten to where I’M at since its still as  bad as ever. In fact, It got WORSE.

Oh oh! Don’t forget! He also won the nobel peace prize before he was done with his first year in orifice.

So, Yeah…      I’m pissed. That whole site is spin-control.

Alright, I lied.


So, things could be going better.  Obama’s presidency has pretty much fireballed through the last year and half. The EU is in the process of collapsing.  Were boots on the ground in Lybia.  And now our right to free speech is being threatened.  At least, I don’t see how this can be a good thing. It’s never a good thing.



But,  there comes a certain point in everyone’s life where you just have to point and laugh. This point has arrived for me.  I laugh. I chortle. I guffaw. At everything. Sometimes   Most  of the time,   it’s not even funny.  There’s not a lot to laugh about  lately but you can’t go through life without any joy. You have to find something to laugh about.  Like, for instance, the fact that my cats have mastered the art of shooting nerf darts at their humans (Seriously.  It’s quite entertaining.)   I brought the trash can of doom inside last night. I’m regretting  it though since it’s raining right now and it’d be better to let the buggers drown. Nasty lil’ things.




P.S. So much for not talking about politics.


Here’s a shocker, Osama wanted to kill Obama.

Wonder who figured that one out.   Kinda obvious isn’t it? You’d think, that with all the  high tech whatchamacallits they could’ve figured out that the leader of the OTHER guys, wanted to kill our leader.   sheesh.

In other news,   Another russian  P.O.S. car is now on the market. A brand new   “lady granta”  Took 5 tries to start. even with all the B.S. they poured into it to make it start for the extra propaganda. Lol.     This is why I never buy russian cars.  I like my cars to stay in one piece over 40 mph (that’s 60 kph for everyone else)  Anyway,    May lady gaga never take fashion advice from you.


Sick no more!! (I blame plastic, al gore, and Mc donalds)




Well,  after brief run in with Evil food and/or drink, I’m back! yay!

Saw that missile thing on the tele…. now people are  saying  it was a  plane?  Bah, it’s ALWAYS an alien probe…. don’t these people know anything?



In other news, Weather men LIE, it did NOT snow…  in fact, there was absolutely NO precipitation at all! (great for you rocket nuts!)  I will be starting a petition to ban incorrect weather men soon! yay!



Snow by the end of the week?! Crap.

I just found out that where i live, It’s about to snow…. So bring on the shovels, road salt and kids building snowmen over fire hydrants! At least if there’s a couple feet of snow A certain idjit won’t fill up my trashcan! (yay) .

In other news the republicans clobbered the democrats last night! yay!


We voted out most of the Democrats but (somehow) harry reid won…. huh…. you’d think he’d be the first to go….. ahh well. Can’t have everything… : D



Voting day! ugh.

Well, todays the day….  Don’t forget to vote, yadda yadda……    according to S.Weasel, there’s a southpark marathon on the viva channel…..  yay…. at least it’ll get the election outta my head….   yuck. I hate this time of year….  I also think i’m coming down with something… great……

Viva la G.I.C.!!       happy tuesday!       M.T.E.

“The rent is, TOO DAMN HIGH…”

Lol, politics is funny….    especially when the party is called “the rent is too damn high party”     it’s…. too funny to explain…. just go to this link, and watch this guy…..  its incredible…..


“May you live long, and have a life filled with pastries!”   – Me, just now.


Person Pays $5 mil for iphone 4. (and Glacier Body Condoms)

A wealthy Australian has paid $5 Million dollars For a jewel encrusted Iphone 4.

*Sigh* Why?  It’s stupid, In a couple months  they’ll come out with a Iphone 5 ! And why spend so much on a phone? people lose those things! they get stolen, dropped, smashed, etc, why bother?  It seems useless to pay so much  for something  like that…..  ugh.

For all you “treehuggers” out there,  Fresh from the Enviro-Nut Manufacturers  comes, Glacier Body Condoms! (Not kidding.) So you can Finally get a restraining order From Mammals AND  Inanimate objects.

As Spoken  by EJ the Elder,

“Once again, they keep nature at arm’s length, the experience controlled, managed. They should do all this weird stuff naked, instead of not actually feeling the ice or the jungle. Then, they should construct a shelter, using green technology, of course, a sustainable, purpose-built biodegradable, right-sized earth dwelling, with no walls to keep nature out, or roof to shut out the sky. They should live there, in harmony with their like-minded earth-brothers, polar bears in the north, jaguars in the jungle. They would experience something real, really REAL, man, actually out there with real nature, just livin’, ya know? THAT would be really great, just great.”

What’s really sad is that people are actually buying these things…..  Just slightly worse than the “Snuggie”

Have a good weekend all!              M.T.E             (poor polar bears…)

Police station in Britain posting every 911 call on twitter. Why?


<Insert British "biscuit" here.>  It'll always be a cookie to me.

<Insert British "biscuit" here.> It'll always be a cookie to me.


The Greater Manchester Police Have Begun posting every “911” (999 over there.) call  they receive onto the popular micro blogging site (well,  supposedly popular…).  Why?  Isn’t that a invasion of privacy? What if i don’t want my entire block knowing that my 12′  Mickey Mouse  Statue was stolen?    And even if it is supposed to increase Inter-Station communication, Isn’t that what e-mail or radios or cell phones are for?  Seems like yet another  enabler for nosy people.  Wonder when (“IF” hopefully. ) That’ll be coming across the pond for us… (if we don’t already have it.)  At least in britain they tell you about it. (usually.)

Oh, Really quick,          Ufo’s over New York,  lemme know what you guys think, Hoax or real.   They look like balloons to me though…

Oh, Before I forget!  Sometime in last couple of days G.I.C. Reached over 1,000 views!!!!   Right now it’s almost 1200!  Thanks For the Views!  I’ll Continue to bring…. well…. something….  Daily for a long time to come!


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