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Hol-l-ly crap. Such a Nice year already.

Well.  Were doomed. Our president is illegally subverting our government right in front of us.

Sneaking  controversial new laws over a holiday,doing the same thing over a normal weekday (like, for instance, today.)  Check out drudge report for the latest.

Anyway, Other than that wonderful bit Of news Hopefully your holidays went without a hitch! The elder family gifted me a wonderful non-flesh eating computer full of wonderful distractions.

Oh, and the russians found a alien body.    I’m really quite skeptical of this for two reason.

1.  It looks like the widely accepted view of the proverbial “little Green Man” (Or LGM)   Why doesn’t anyone ever find a Alien that looks totally different from the stereotypical Big head skinny arms thing.

2. They found it in russia. It’s not like their known for their trustworthyness. You know, Not really.

3. Wtf.

4. Wtf?

What do you guys think?

Ugh, why do i live here again?

First PhotoShop yay!

danged farmers.... them and their growing stuff.....

Another day,  another bunch of stupid.  Yay…

First up,     Dekalb county in   GA.     is  (of course)  suing a farmer for growing too many crops. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

The guy plans on fighting the charges (Duh) and his neighbors continue to support him in his fight. He currently faces more than $5,000 in fines.

Next,    the democrats are using Justin Bieber to try and advance their campaign this November. Again,  there’s NO way i could make this up. In a way I saw this coming after the anti-Palin bearsuit thing, **COUGH** Furries **COUGH**.  It’s only one small step from that, to “The Biebs”. The Dems admitted to being “Bieber fans”. I’m pretty sure we already figured that one out.       And WHEN did what Bieber says  started to have any effect on elections? When a 12 year old has an influence on the future of a country  you know it only goes down from here. Especially when that 12 year old is Justin Bieber.

Finally,   Another point for the Robot’s revolution,     A couple of scientist’s have taught robots how to lie and deceive humans. We are SO screwed.

Today, small robotic vacuum cleaners blowing dirt under the sofa, Tomorrow,     T-800 terminators and John Connor.

Also,    ***DEADPOOL UPDATE***    Both entry’s  (Barbara Billingsley and jimmy carter)   are both still alive, but i did hear a rumor that barb. was in a hospital. But i wouldn’t get your hopes up though,  rumors like that circulate everyonce in a while.   For everyone else, the dead pool is still open! Check the archives (or The Mystic Cloud Of Wonder) to make an entry!  If your entry dies and i don’t notice,  Let me know. (not incessantly please)

Wondering where were going,   Monotone The Elderish.

Skynet here we come.

So, in japan they just unveiled this thing were you can “touch” 3D images…. totally awesome… So totally going to take over the world

( )