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A treatise on the Wonder of a particular online comic.

Read it. I just fond this Comic and I loved it. Witty and hilarious. And theres a talking mutant cat. What not to love?    I can’t say any more about except that its now On my reading list and it’s not going anywhere  Except maybe higher on the list.

The drawing is of the main character and was taken off the authors Deviant Art profile, Located here.  That is, The Picture.



Found a better picture. 

Hol-l-ly crap. Such a Nice year already.

Well.  Were doomed. Our president is illegally subverting our government right in front of us.

Sneaking  controversial new laws over a holiday,doing the same thing over a normal weekday (like, for instance, today.)  Check out drudge report for the latest.

Anyway, Other than that wonderful bit Of news Hopefully your holidays went without a hitch! The elder family gifted me a wonderful non-flesh eating computer full of wonderful distractions.

Oh, and the russians found a alien body.    I’m really quite skeptical of this for two reason.

1.  It looks like the widely accepted view of the proverbial “little Green Man” (Or LGM)   Why doesn’t anyone ever find a Alien that looks totally different from the stereotypical Big head skinny arms thing.

2. They found it in russia. It’s not like their known for their trustworthyness. You know, Not really.

3. Wtf.

4. Wtf?

What do you guys think?

This site is now Anti-libtard, and Pro-Israel. If you don’t like it, You can get the hell off my lawn.

Well, they did it again. The libtards created a new site called “Attack Watch

It’s supposed to Prove that O’Bugger is actually NOT killing the country one kick at a time. I have disproved them.

“The Obama administration has strengthened our borders while making our immigration system smart and fair.”

Pffff! sure, that why citizens are being shot.

“President Obama is a friend to Israel, despite unfounded claims to the contrary.”

Right, Thats why we pressured them to give up their own (literally) God-given land. Lets try doing that to Great Britain.

“President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights.”

Uh Huh. Thats why he was talking about banning gun shows and loading them with illegal venders to entrap honest citizens.

“President Obama was born in the United States and is an American citizen, period.”

Bullshit. Utter libtard bullshit. The birth certificate was obviously faked. It was reviewed by experts who also said it was faked. Period.

“By providing assistance to auto companies, President Obama saved more than a million jobs and prevented the American auto industry from collapsing.”

Oh man, And gave china how many more? I Live in close proximity to the car industry and I can tell you first hand, Its STILL not going well. And hasn’t gotten better for any length of time.

“The Affordable Care Act promotes quality, affordable health coverage for all Americans, regardless of the industry they work in or their union status.”

While forcing you to wait months for sub-standard and over priced care. Which, as a taxpayer, they will actually pay more due to the tax increase.

“President Obama is eliminating outdated regulations while strengthening commonsense standards to promote health and safety.”

Oh, Wow. And here I thought he was just golfing. Obviously this hasn’t gotten to where I’M at since its still as  bad as ever. In fact, It got WORSE.

Oh oh! Don’t forget! He also won the nobel peace prize before he was done with his first year in orifice.

So, Yeah…      I’m pissed. That whole site is spin-control.

Alright, I lied.


So, things could be going better.  Obama’s presidency has pretty much fireballed through the last year and half. The EU is in the process of collapsing.  Were boots on the ground in Lybia.  And now our right to free speech is being threatened.  At least, I don’t see how this can be a good thing. It’s never a good thing.



But,  there comes a certain point in everyone’s life where you just have to point and laugh. This point has arrived for me.  I laugh. I chortle. I guffaw. At everything. Sometimes   Most  of the time,   it’s not even funny.  There’s not a lot to laugh about  lately but you can’t go through life without any joy. You have to find something to laugh about.  Like, for instance, the fact that my cats have mastered the art of shooting nerf darts at their humans (Seriously.  It’s quite entertaining.)   I brought the trash can of doom inside last night. I’m regretting  it though since it’s raining right now and it’d be better to let the buggers drown. Nasty lil’ things.




P.S. So much for not talking about politics.


Crazy Civil War guy Part 2 Or, The Trash can of DOOM

So, After a extremely busy summer in which I posted almost nothing due to crazy-busy-scary-super-camp-timeism,  I’M BACK BABY!   I’ve just returned from my annual civil war re-enactment. The smoke, the Deep fried elephant anatomy, The crazy confederate supporting southern gentlemen referring to the  (insert organisation here) in washington. Ah, So good to be back. Kinda. I got home and took out the trash only to find out that some kind of bug has created a nest the size of a football (or rugby ball depending on your local.) it was full of nasty grubbish thingys. Not cool tiny bugs, Not cool.  So, I sprayed the entire thing with a raid-knockoff  brand and let it sit outside for a while. It’s still out there. And its seething. With evil. And on top of that, My evil computer that senses that it’s about to be replaced, bit me. Partially my fault, bit still the nerve

I stuck my finger into a fan by accident and the fan took a 1/2 a centimeter off my finger. Ouch. Stupid thing. I’m going to turn into a were-nerd now I just know it.  I’m not going to even start about politics. It’s all stupid, nobody is going to win, The End.    

Mono The Elder,

Antics. And Reading.

It’s been extraordinarily Busy around here lately.  What with numerous Unplanned Vacations in the Motorhome and School, it’s been hard to fine the time to write. BUT!    I will endeavor to write on!  (seriously though  expect  delays ahead. )  Anywho,  In case you already haven’t, Check out DMZ by Brian wood.   Basically,  Manhattan Secedes From the U.S. Sparking another civil war. It’s a interesting read (If you got the time).


MTE.    (check out the cover below)  

Here’s a shocker, Osama wanted to kill Obama.

Wonder who figured that one out.   Kinda obvious isn’t it? You’d think, that with all the  high tech whatchamacallits they could’ve figured out that the leader of the OTHER guys, wanted to kill our leader.   sheesh.

In other news,   Another russian  P.O.S. car is now on the market. A brand new   “lady granta”  Took 5 tries to start. even with all the B.S. they poured into it to make it start for the extra propaganda. Lol.     This is why I never buy russian cars.  I like my cars to stay in one piece over 40 mph (that’s 60 kph for everyone else)  Anyway,    May lady gaga never take fashion advice from you.


The Cow Man Cometh!!

A Man  in Stafford, Va   Crawled into a store on all fours,  Grabbed a cart and grabbed 92$ worth of milk which he then tried to give away on the street outside the store. When the cops Showed up, he tried to flee the scene by skipping away.   -_-     Why?    If anyone knows lemme know. is THIS what the kids do now?  Sheesh. We don’t have streakers anymore but by-golly we got ourselves a guy in a cow suit…..


Error, server not found woes….

Well, you might have noticed the lack of posts lately, well… due to my living in a small town, the internet is fickle.  And about this time every year we seem to have massive errors for about 2 weeks. so bear with me. Pretty sure the site went down for about an hour today too. Not sure whats going on there either. meh, darn technology.

well, were doomed! Doomed i say!

Google just put out the news that its going to lower the visibility of “Low Quality sites”. This will affect sites like and other “Content Farms” .  Don’t know if that affects me though.  They also said that will will affect roughly 12 % of the worlds searches. Maybe this’ll streamline things a bit.


Happy weekend!   M.T.E.

On the Road Again!

Well,  Another weekend on the road! Man, i seem to be doing this alot lately!  Should be back for the super bowl! (yay.) But anyway happy weekend! Go packers!



M.T.E. (Short post due to frantic packing. sorry. lol.)

More Global Chaos! crap!

Well, by now you have probably heard about the on-going un-rest in tunisa. What you may not of heard, is that the presidents wife left the country with around 3,000 lbs of the country gold. EEP. No wonder the whole countries   pissed. I would be too!  At least none of their birds are dropping out of the sky…  and, speaking of that, seems like its happening all over the world.  Wonder if they’ve fixed that yet?



In other news, if you’ve ever wanted to try “MineCraft” but don’t want to shell out the clams for it, “Moonforge” a MineCraft clone  is a worthy sub, it’s not bad…. (link)


Anyway till next time!  M.T.E.

Happy New Year! Thank you my Loyal Readers! (Both of you!)


Sometime around 7:00 PM local time the site ticked over 2,000 views! Darn thing must be busted…. Anyway, All the appropriate Woots, Etc.    I  Hope the site will continue to grow! (Duh,)  but,  If you can help it, it might be wise to avoid “Testing”  comments. For one thing, akismet will kill it. and fer another,  Yes. I DO see it. I Really, Really do. Lol.    Anyway, Any suggestions would be Appreciated! Also there should be a guest book up sooner or later! as soon as it’s up, drop by and  put your name in the logs! yay!

Happy New Year!   M.T.E.

The Death Of Super Toilet….

Japenese Super Toliet.

It's a toilet.



So,   After downing  several cheese wheels and a box of bran flakes,  I discovered two days ago that my toilet (also called a “Loo”) was blocked to the point of messing up both toilets in my house and the sink for the downstairs bathroom. After learning that the plumber couldn’t arrive until two days later I steeled myself for the  Trials to come.  Gotta love long colons.   That, and I left a present in every public toilet in a half mile radius.   But anyway, the guy came, did his voopoo and left me with a wonderfully clean porcelain crapper. Yay….  today ’twas a good day!





Distractions for the snowbound!

And they were ne'er seen a'gin.



While Ignoring the White blur outside, I found this in my “Virtual Paper Clutter” ™

1. The physicist Robert W. Wood could never resist the opportunity for a practical joke. While staying in Paris he found that the apartment below his was occupied by a woman who kept a pet tortoise in a window pen. Seeing the rich possibilities of the situation, he went out and bought a number of tortoises of his own in graduated sizes. Then he rigged up a collecting device using a broom handle – and waited. As soon as the woman left, he leaned over his balcony, caught his victim’s reptilian friend, removed it and replaced it with one that was slightly larger. Every day he repeated this bizarre substitution until the woman, in alarm at the sudden spectacular growth of her pet, went to Wood for advice. He suggested she contact the press. And so, in a very short time, a bevy of newsmen were onto the story, measuring tapes at the ready, issuing daily updates on the animal’s remarkable progress to an expectant public. Where would it all end? How big would the creature grow? Only Wood knew. The day after introducing the largest member of his collection, he threw the process into reverse. And, as fast as it had expanded, the tortoise now shrank, down and down, until it had returned to its original size.

HeeHee.  I loves me a good practical joke. Unless its on me. Then they piss me off.  Here’s Another!

Another trick perpetrated in the French capital was due to the physicist Jean Perrin (who won the Nobel Prize for his work on the thermal motion of molecules). Perrin mischievously packed a powerful aviation gyroscope into a suitcase, set the gyro spinning and left the suitcase at a Paris railway station. An unsuspecting porter picked up the apparently forgotten luggage, marched off with it and then made the mistake of trying to turn a corner. The case – or, rather, its contents – refused to follow. When the porter attempted to force the unwilling bag to point in the new direction he wanted to travel, it simply rotated on its handle at a bizarre angle and twisted the bewildered man’s wrist. Dropping his strange load in alarm, the porter ran off yelling “The Devil himself must be inside!”


Darn hippies.  Not knowing what a gyroscope is.  ahh well. Hippies will be hippies!

Here’s some Scotsmen that are DEFINITELY not hippies. Here.


And thus I end this post. Merry Christmas SOON!



Streptococcal pharyngitis, might as well be dysentery. Still sucks.

Well, I done went and got me another viral infection.   Streptococcal pharyngitis,   in case you didn’t know, is strep throat. And,  being filled with enough Nyquil to tranquilize a horse,  I figured i’d try typing a coherent sentence since i Definitely can’t speak one right now.   Anyway,  since i haven’t suffered enough the wikileaks nut is trying to kill the internet, U.S. Diplomacy,  and the american twinkie.   Well played Mr. Assange, well played….  BUT! I have preempted you! by buying out the stores in my area completely of their twinkie supplies! (No one cares about the internet, it’s just a fad anyway!)


Till next time  the next time i get to take antibiotics,




online at last!!



The Above pic is a Computer exploding in japan. That is not my computer. But it might as well be.

Due to super-sucky internet, My connection has been randomly dropping out for almost a week. After roughly 7 calls to tech support and a visit the problem fixed itself. They did nothing.  So, if the last week seemed sporadic and garlic flavored. thats why.   Curse you internet providers.


Oh, If any of have download a antivirus called “SUPERANITSPYWARE” ,  Throw it. I advocated it on the site but it turns out its junk. AND malware.  so, throw it, its garbage. If you hear any rumors  about anything like that lemme know. I thank you.



Precipitation! Finally!

Well, It finally happened….    We’ve got snow.  Just a light dusting, but the sentiment is there.  I will now endeavor to turn it yellow. One 32 oz  icee at a time.

Anyway,  Not much going on lately, had the relatives over for thanksgiving and really, (for us) very few fist fights this year.  Gotta love all that family togetherness. Makes me sick.   Ahh, well. Only four more holidays to get through. (ugh.)  I’m going to go find my eggnog.



Computers are evil….

So, with Turkey day around the corner (Felling better btw . No green skin here!) My local internet provider decides to switch to another server. And, since they haven’t given us a new modem in about 6-7 years,  our internet has been constantly cutting in and out. We’ve called them to come and take a look at it twice and of course they don’t know whats going on. Oh well, at least I’ll have the relatives to distract me from my  internet  withdrawal.  In other news, N. Korea is asking for a ICBM yet again after bombarding a S. Korea Village. One of these days their going to overstep their boundaries…   Interesting times….    I could do without it…
One more thing, (warning, Shameless blog whoring ahead)  there’s thing button(blogsurfer) at the bottom edge of the blog, every once in a while hit it so i can gets more traffic!  (if you do, you get a cookie. Yes, a Imaginary cookie, but the thought is there!)

Sick no more!! (I blame plastic, al gore, and Mc donalds)




Well,  after brief run in with Evil food and/or drink, I’m back! yay!

Saw that missile thing on the tele…. now people are  saying  it was a  plane?  Bah, it’s ALWAYS an alien probe…. don’t these people know anything?



In other news, Weather men LIE, it did NOT snow…  in fact, there was absolutely NO precipitation at all! (great for you rocket nuts!)  I will be starting a petition to ban incorrect weather men soon! yay!



Snow by the end of the week?! Crap.

I just found out that where i live, It’s about to snow…. So bring on the shovels, road salt and kids building snowmen over fire hydrants! At least if there’s a couple feet of snow A certain idjit won’t fill up my trashcan! (yay) .

In other news the republicans clobbered the democrats last night! yay!


We voted out most of the Democrats but (somehow) harry reid won…. huh…. you’d think he’d be the first to go….. ahh well. Can’t have everything… : D



Voting day! ugh.

Well, todays the day….  Don’t forget to vote, yadda yadda……    according to S.Weasel, there’s a southpark marathon on the viva channel…..  yay…. at least it’ll get the election outta my head….   yuck. I hate this time of year….  I also think i’m coming down with something… great……

Viva la G.I.C.!!       happy tuesday!       M.T.E.

Ahh, good to be back!

First up, News.


A kid got suspended  after riding a horse to school as part of a “spirit week” stunt… I actually think that was a pretty  good idea. The school does not agree.

Also the brits have apparently discovered a cure for the common cold (no link, if anyone has one send it to me and i’ll post it. )  Sound too good to be true….

Yep, other than that (and you know, the whole “Election thing” ) not much going on….     Although I’m supposed to get snow sometime in the next week (ugh.) oh well, nice while it lasted eh?


Storms… ugh….

It’s been storming recently. So, With frequent power outages predicted,   I attempt to complete a sentence without the power going out.  It’s been extremely busy lately and with no sign of slowing down.  Oh well, At least when it’s snowing I won’t have to go and steal a neighbor’s fruit tree for warmth…. (at least I won’t NEED to….)


No one has entered the dead pool yet…   plenty of time, but remember if you don’t vote you don’t win!


( I’m bored now, To the Tele!! )