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Person Pays $5 mil for iphone 4. (and Glacier Body Condoms)

A wealthy Australian has paid $5 Million dollars For a jewel encrusted Iphone 4.

*Sigh* Why?  It’s stupid, In a couple months  they’ll come out with a Iphone 5 ! And why spend so much on a phone? people lose those things! they get stolen, dropped, smashed, etc, why bother?  It seems useless to pay so much  for something  like that…..  ugh.

For all you “treehuggers” out there,  Fresh from the Enviro-Nut Manufacturers  comes, Glacier Body Condoms! (Not kidding.) So you can Finally get a restraining order From Mammals AND  Inanimate objects.

As Spoken  by EJ the Elder,

“Once again, they keep nature at arm’s length, the experience controlled, managed. They should do all this weird stuff naked, instead of not actually feeling the ice or the jungle. Then, they should construct a shelter, using green technology, of course, a sustainable, purpose-built biodegradable, right-sized earth dwelling, with no walls to keep nature out, or roof to shut out the sky. They should live there, in harmony with their like-minded earth-brothers, polar bears in the north, jaguars in the jungle. They would experience something real, really REAL, man, actually out there with real nature, just livin’, ya know? THAT would be really great, just great.”

What’s really sad is that people are actually buying these things…..  Just slightly worse than the “Snuggie”

Have a good weekend all!              M.T.E             (poor polar bears…)


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