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So, You might’ve heard about the guy down in Florida  threatening to have a “burn a Quran” day,  ugh.  I Don’t agree with it and as   fellow “sweaseler”   SCOTTtheBADGER  said, ”

It is interesting how the default setting for the “Religion of Peace” seems to be violence, and that they will behave so seems to be a given on the part of the rest of the world.

I sometimes wonder if Pastor Jones is a man out to exercise his right as an American to be a twit, or if he is a very clever man, out to make a point.”

THAT, I agree with. But as far as I’m aware, It seems that this was made into a international incident over night, without warning,  And unnecessarily. If the whole point was to get press,  hasn’t he gotten that? In fact, more than normal? wouldn’t have been better to see it on the news for all of 30 seconds, think, “what a nut.” and continue with your life? Instead really important thing like say…  The fact that  Iran is paying bounty’s to the Taliban for dead American soldiers and destroyed American vehicles Is going unnoticed due to this guy getting more attention then he deserves.  This irritates me.   I’m going to go get a taco.

A more irate then normal,   M.T.E.


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