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Get it While it Lasts

Since (Obviously,)  we need more people on a plane no matter what,  these designers have created the new “economy seat”  *shudder*  where your pretty much standing up the whole trip.     As one person said to me, “That way we’ll get better Disasters.” yeah,  i’ll bet.  These seats look like someones attempt at  making everyone swear  off planes and buy a suv.

And on that subject,  hypocrisy at its height. Harry Reid showed up at a clean energy summit in los  vegas. And instead of walking  100 yards, he drives it in a fleet of suv’s. While condemning said vehicle.  Argh.

If  that wasn’t enough,

Remember that bill trying to give Obama the power to shut down the internet?  Well, their trying to get it passed before the end of the year. Ugh, if Skynet doesn’t get us, these jokers will.

And, Finally,   The worst one so far, (and thats saying something.)

A British teenager, (17) has been Deported and banned for life from ever entering re-entering the U.S.A. after sending  Barack an email criticizing the U.S. goverment and calling obama a “p***k”.   Should I start planning on seeing “Dr. Breens private reserve” soon? Or does that come later?


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