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Acronyms, Novels, and Roleplay Oh my.

Alright, So, a couple days ago, I dropped in on the Nice folks at the Young Writers Society, Now, Normally, I’ll poke around for a bit and then settle into the chatroom they have set up. In fact, that’s what I did. Anywho, they apparently have a quite expanded RP community. Not Pen and paper D6, but pure textual role play In the form of a group written novel.

Which actually Makes for excellent reading. Point in case, The Harry Potter RP, (called a “StoryBook” On the site. Which, if you think about it, Makes more sense.)  Potterbook, Is a complete Rehashing of the beloved novels with entirely different cast of characters.   I actually had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the creators of this Storybook (Although not at the same time due to the amazing mechanics of time zones.) CelticaNoir, And ScarlettFire.

So,  what is PotterBook about?

CelticaNoir:  Um, let’s see. It’s an AU (Alternate Universe,) storybook where Harry and his generation don’t exist. More like, they’ve been replaced by another generation entirely. Alice *is* Harry, technically, but she’s not just a feminine version of Harry; she’s a different person altogether.

Mono: Will we recognize anyone?

CelticaNoir:   Hm, you might, if you read on enough. Alice and her two friends, Allen and Samara, for example, are very obviously the trio.

But then you have people like the Senior Trio who aren’t really ‘recognizable’. So it depends, I guess.

Mono:  Is The Staff the same?

Yes; actually, most of the older generation is still here. You don’t have Draco Malfoy, for example, but there were references to Narcissa Malfoy and all such.

Mono: Is the World the same Too? (Order of the phenoix etc.?)

CelticaNoir:  Yes. ^__^

Mono:  Has the History been changed? (e.i. Harry’s Father picking on snape, Etc.)

CelticaNoir:  Nope.

Mono:  The Dursley’s exist, Do the Weasleys? And the other prominent Families?

CelticaNoir:  Hm. I believe the Weasleys have either been changed or perhaps they just took a back seat. But if I’m correct, The Weasleys are currently the Rockharrows now. As for other prominent Wizarding Families, they’ve been left untouched…mostly.

Mono: Any other projects In the works?

CelticaNoir:  ^_^ Well, you could say I’m working on my own original novel; that’s the only other project I can think of.

Potterbook is going to go through all seven years, so it’s a pretty big project in and of itself right now.


Mono:  What is Potterbook About?

Potterbook is a storybook that basically retells the story of the Boy-Who-Lived, only Harry is a girl named Alice and has been Sorted into Slytherin. The current storybook follows her adventures, and those of her friends, through Alice Potter’s first year of school.

Mono:  Will we recognize anyone?

A few, like the Staff and Voldemort, though many are original characters.

Mono:  Is The Staff the same?

ScarlettFire:  Mostly. There may be some changes in future Potterbook years, though I can’t say anything else on that yet. We’re still plotting things.

Mono: Is the World the same? (Order of the Phoenix etc.?)

ScarlettFire:  Mostly, though there may be some changes. As I said, we’re still plotting things.

Mono: Has the History been changed? (i.e. Harry’s Father picking on Snape, Etc.)

ScarlettFire:  Ah, this is also mostly the same. Especially since the werewolf thing plays an important part on Snape’s side of things–I play that to its fullest. And that’s extremely fun to do.

Mono: The Dursleys exist, Do the Weasleys? And the other prominent Families?

ScarlettFire: Mostly–the Malfoys exist, as they’re cousins to my main Character, Samara, (they just don’t have a son named Draco; it’s actually Zaccahaeus Malfoy), and probably most other Pureblood Wizarding families, too. The Rockharrows actually take the place of the Weasleys, sort of. They’re pretty much the same, just mostly female and with a different name.
Mono: Any other projects In the works?

ScarlettFire:  Maybe, but I kind of maybe can’t say? I can say that there’ll be more storybooks–probably one for each Hogwarts year.


I also managed to scupper a small excerpt from their current storybook. (alright, So It’s just the plot, and they GAVE it to me but, shut-up and read it.)


It is Halloween at night, 1981; and incidentally, it is also the birthday of a very cheerful little one-year-old girl, Alice Potter. However, it was also the last day she would experience any form of happiness for a long time; for it was also the day where she became the Girl-Who-Lived. With both her parents dead and a godfather rumored to have betrayed them, she is left at the doorstep of her aunt, Petunia Dursley, and her family.

However, on her eleventh birthday, she receives a letter telling her that she has been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course, she thinks it is a hoax at first, but when the Gamekeeper of Hogwarts comes bursting in through the front door and curses her cousin’s face into a pig snout, she is quite ready to believe him.

And so our story starts, with a little girl standing on Platform 9 and Three-Quarters, carting around school supplies and a snowy owl named Hedwig. Who will she meet? And will the Girl-Who-Lived actually live up to her fame? A complete rehashing of the Potter books, with similar plots but different characters.



So, go down and enjoy the wonderful community and read the wonderful literary works being made at the

I would also like to take the time to thank ScarlettFire and CelticaNoir for their patience in letting me badger them (With an actual Badger,) at unholy hours in their respective timezones.

Yours,    Mono The Elder

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