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Starting the ‘Ole Girl Rolling again!

Well, It’s that Time of year again. We cleaned the leaves out of the RV and have started work on getting her up and rolling. We should be getting out of here in the next couple of months. You know, Barring any unforeseen ” ACK, IT’S ON FIRE!” Moments.  We plan on heading out to one of the Dakotas, Or both. Anyway, We’re going that general direction, You understand what I’m saying. I think. ANNNYWHO.

We’re all looking forward to the experience and I’m planning on trying to record bits of the experience and posting it on the forum (And here.) But it won’t be around for a while. Probably not until I stop dreaming about all the horrible drivers were sure to encounter. (Since we always do encounter them.)

And fix the cabinets on the wall that throw canned food at us everytime we make a left turn. You know, The basic events that make us wonder what the hell we were thinking leaving our nice, safe, mid-western home.  Not to mention the tornados and hail and all the other bad storms on this trip. Should be a interesting trip regardless. Even if it all goes great. But at least if everything goes pear shaped the video footage will be interesting…. right? RIGHT?!


Yours, Mono The Elderish.