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I Am Mono The Elder(ish).    I’m a tech-savvy  person with a somewhat affinity for the out of doors.   This site is an outlet for my eccentricities.  Which the internet (you,)  is a party to;   Oh joy.  Anyway,  The internet is scary. And I am paranoid.  So, I reserve the right to smack it with a stick whenever I want (Stick/Brick interchangeable)  and then run and hide.

So,  With that out of the way,   Welcome! And Don’t Steal anything! (I mean, Not much to steal, But, Still. Pinky promises Eh? )

Anywho, This is also the Blog for the “Garbled In Communication Broadcasting Network” a loose affiliation of sites ranging from Gaming sites to forums and news site’s like this one. Hit me up with a PM on  or email me at my contact email if you wish to apply for membership.

Oh,  And this is a Pro-Jewish Site and proud conservative blog. That doesn’t mean I’ll mind alternate opinions,  Just fair warning on my stance on them.     Shalom.  <—– contact e-mail