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Another bit on Kim Jong Il? Apparently.

Well, I hope none of you were attached to Kim Jong Il  news has just surfaced that kim will probably announced Kim Jong-un’s appointment to a postions of power on the 28th. Not really sure if that means he’ll take over or if it just means they’ll have two leaders now instead of the one. who knows? who gives a **** either?
For our “Oh…WTF….” section,  a Ms. Bale is charged with animal cruelty after grabbing a cat, looking around her, and then throwing said cat into a trash can.
Lola, (the cat) was in the trash can for 15 hours and suffered “no physical harm”
“I cannot explain why I did this,” her statement read.
“It is completely out of character and I certainly did not intend to cause any distress to Lola or her owners.”
In conclusion,  The lady is batty. She’s also lying through her teeth (if she has any left)
Also in this section,  Prince Charles  apparently speaks to plants and eavesdrops on the tourists…   *sigh* it never gets anybetter does it?
In other news,  S. Weasel Celebrated her first Half-Million views today! Congrats go out to you Ms. Weasel from all of us at G.I.C. !!
Till next time (that’s tomorrow) Monotone,  The Elderish

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