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Embedded In Sand

Another project of mine, “Embedded In Sand” has just gone live! It follows the Lives of two Fictional Embedded reporters In Afghanistan around 2006 onward.    It should be a interesting ride! So, come visit us at “”

By the way, Charlie Chaplin? Yeah, I’m liking him now. Go Google “Speech For Humanity” Do eet. Do eet nao.


Another Newby!


I’m VERY pleased to announce the Addition of iEuphoria to the GIC Broadcasting Network!

Now, Go Bug her. ^^


Welcome Aboard!


Mono here,   I’m pleased to announce the addition of another member to the Garbled In Communication Broadcasting Network!

Welcome ,   CeltyNoir!

Celty has set up shop at this Location. Drop in and give it a look around!


Yours,    Mono

Yom Hashoah





May we never forget.

Acronyms, Novels, and Roleplay Oh my.

Alright, So, a couple days ago, I dropped in on the Nice folks at the Young Writers Society, Now, Normally, I’ll poke around for a bit and then settle into the chatroom they have set up. In fact, that’s what I did. Anywho, they apparently have a quite expanded RP community. Not Pen and paper D6, but pure textual role play In the form of a group written novel.

Which actually Makes for excellent reading. Point in case, The Harry Potter RP, (called a “StoryBook” On the site. Which, if you think about it, Makes more sense.)  Potterbook, Is a complete Rehashing of the beloved novels with entirely different cast of characters.   I actually had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the creators of this Storybook (Although not at the same time due to the amazing mechanics of time zones.) CelticaNoir, And ScarlettFire.

So,  what is PotterBook about?

CelticaNoir:  Um, let’s see. It’s an AU (Alternate Universe,) storybook where Harry and his generation don’t exist. More like, they’ve been replaced by another generation entirely. Alice *is* Harry, technically, but she’s not just a feminine version of Harry; she’s a different person altogether.

Mono: Will we recognize anyone?

CelticaNoir:   Hm, you might, if you read on enough. Alice and her two friends, Allen and Samara, for example, are very obviously the trio.

But then you have people like the Senior Trio who aren’t really ‘recognizable’. So it depends, I guess.

Mono:  Is The Staff the same?

Yes; actually, most of the older generation is still here. You don’t have Draco Malfoy, for example, but there were references to Narcissa Malfoy and all such.

Mono: Is the World the same Too? (Order of the phenoix etc.?)

CelticaNoir:  Yes. ^__^

Mono:  Has the History been changed? (e.i. Harry’s Father picking on snape, Etc.)

CelticaNoir:  Nope.

Mono:  The Dursley’s exist, Do the Weasleys? And the other prominent Families?

CelticaNoir:  Hm. I believe the Weasleys have either been changed or perhaps they just took a back seat. But if I’m correct, The Weasleys are currently the Rockharrows now. As for other prominent Wizarding Families, they’ve been left untouched…mostly.

Mono: Any other projects In the works?

CelticaNoir:  ^_^ Well, you could say I’m working on my own original novel; that’s the only other project I can think of.

Potterbook is going to go through all seven years, so it’s a pretty big project in and of itself right now.


Mono:  What is Potterbook About?

Potterbook is a storybook that basically retells the story of the Boy-Who-Lived, only Harry is a girl named Alice and has been Sorted into Slytherin. The current storybook follows her adventures, and those of her friends, through Alice Potter’s first year of school.

Mono:  Will we recognize anyone?

A few, like the Staff and Voldemort, though many are original characters.

Mono:  Is The Staff the same?

ScarlettFire:  Mostly. There may be some changes in future Potterbook years, though I can’t say anything else on that yet. We’re still plotting things.

Mono: Is the World the same? (Order of the Phoenix etc.?)

ScarlettFire:  Mostly, though there may be some changes. As I said, we’re still plotting things.

Mono: Has the History been changed? (i.e. Harry’s Father picking on Snape, Etc.)

ScarlettFire:  Ah, this is also mostly the same. Especially since the werewolf thing plays an important part on Snape’s side of things–I play that to its fullest. And that’s extremely fun to do.

Mono: The Dursleys exist, Do the Weasleys? And the other prominent Families?

ScarlettFire: Mostly–the Malfoys exist, as they’re cousins to my main Character, Samara, (they just don’t have a son named Draco; it’s actually Zaccahaeus Malfoy), and probably most other Pureblood Wizarding families, too. The Rockharrows actually take the place of the Weasleys, sort of. They’re pretty much the same, just mostly female and with a different name.
Mono: Any other projects In the works?

ScarlettFire:  Maybe, but I kind of maybe can’t say? I can say that there’ll be more storybooks–probably one for each Hogwarts year.


I also managed to scupper a small excerpt from their current storybook. (alright, So It’s just the plot, and they GAVE it to me but, shut-up and read it.)


It is Halloween at night, 1981; and incidentally, it is also the birthday of a very cheerful little one-year-old girl, Alice Potter. However, it was also the last day she would experience any form of happiness for a long time; for it was also the day where she became the Girl-Who-Lived. With both her parents dead and a godfather rumored to have betrayed them, she is left at the doorstep of her aunt, Petunia Dursley, and her family.

However, on her eleventh birthday, she receives a letter telling her that she has been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course, she thinks it is a hoax at first, but when the Gamekeeper of Hogwarts comes bursting in through the front door and curses her cousin’s face into a pig snout, she is quite ready to believe him.

And so our story starts, with a little girl standing on Platform 9 and Three-Quarters, carting around school supplies and a snowy owl named Hedwig. Who will she meet? And will the Girl-Who-Lived actually live up to her fame? A complete rehashing of the Potter books, with similar plots but different characters.



So, go down and enjoy the wonderful community and read the wonderful literary works being made at the

I would also like to take the time to thank ScarlettFire and CelticaNoir for their patience in letting me badger them (With an actual Badger,) at unholy hours in their respective timezones.

Yours,    Mono The Elder

White Feather Update



Alright so wow. The White Feather forum, (located here, ) Has been getting quite a bit of activity! We re-worked the appearance a bit and have added a couple new members! We have even started a forum version of the Pen and Paper RPG called “Shadow Run”  So, Come on down and register at white feather today! The community is starting to grow and as always, the more the merrier! Register at white feather today!  You won’t regret it!  ( well, You might. But it’s highly unlikely.)


Mono the Elder,

Starting the ‘Ole Girl Rolling again!

Well, It’s that Time of year again. We cleaned the leaves out of the RV and have started work on getting her up and rolling. We should be getting out of here in the next couple of months. You know, Barring any unforeseen ” ACK, IT’S ON FIRE!” Moments.  We plan on heading out to one of the Dakotas, Or both. Anyway, We’re going that general direction, You understand what I’m saying. I think. ANNNYWHO.

We’re all looking forward to the experience and I’m planning on trying to record bits of the experience and posting it on the forum (And here.) But it won’t be around for a while. Probably not until I stop dreaming about all the horrible drivers were sure to encounter. (Since we always do encounter them.)

And fix the cabinets on the wall that throw canned food at us everytime we make a left turn. You know, The basic events that make us wonder what the hell we were thinking leaving our nice, safe, mid-western home.  Not to mention the tornados and hail and all the other bad storms on this trip. Should be a interesting trip regardless. Even if it all goes great. But at least if everything goes pear shaped the video footage will be interesting…. right? RIGHT?!


Yours, Mono The Elderish.






A Treatise on the subject of an invasion by sponges.

Which is worse? Something that can have survivors or something that would wipe out an entire planet regardless of intelligence, Strength, speed, Or any other positive attribute that would possibly save the entity in question.

Bam. Sponges.

They absorb things right? What makes these sponges “Killers”? If it absorbs water, (Which, They don’t, unless their dead. they filter water through themselves.)

It would be a problem but only if they somehow stopped the process of evaporation. Kinda hard to do that considering.

Alright, So they don’t absorb water. What do they do then?

They absorb air. Let’s assume that these particular sponges need oxygen for food and procreation. That would mean that the more sponges bred, The more oxygen was used, and the more sponges would be there to bred and so on.

eventually, the planet (E.I. oxygen producing algae.) Would be overwhelmed and the sponges would continue to put more pressure on it until there wasn’t enough air for animal life. Even then humans could conceivably manage it. But if were talking about using anything other than Bio-Dome like cities,
(Self supporting using rescued plant life in theory. But various trials have proved that our current level of technology is insufficient to sustain a closed man-made environment.)

The population would then decline and eventually go extinct. Then your only left with plant life which has no way to combat the threat. (We’re Totally FUBARED at this point by the way. Gone. Everyone’s Dead. Unless they escaped the planet or used the method I mentioned previously.) And eventually, barring an unforeseen external intervention, the sponges (still breeding exponentially at this point,) would overtake over take the plants, Starve them of oxygen, and drive them to extinction. At which point, With their food source denied, The sponges would start to die off and eventually go extinct. Leaving only the husks of our world’s once great civilizations.



And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to stay up past nine ‘O clock.


Mono the elderish.

Car? What car?

Well,  I got a call today from my father.  Something about how the suspension of  our lil’ geo metro had failed in a spectacular way.  Got on the scene about a half hour later,  there was oil all over the road and the car was continuing to bleed out all over the road.  A helpful Neighbor (who shall here be immortalized as J.) Ran out with some non-scented kitty litter and helped my father spread it over the road.  Speaking of, my father is fine but, to quote him, “If I’dda been go’in any faster I’ve been FUBARED”   And he’s right. We were very lucky. The people around the crash were AWESOME. They came out and chatted with us for about an hour in the freezing cold weather until the truck came.


The car will probably never run again. Since there’s evidence the frame itself was broken in the crash. Bully. Awh well.


Mono the Elderish out.

Podcast #2

So, After a longer than wanted Period, Yet another podcast!


We can has Forum!

The G.I.C. has decided to expand into a forum! Post will continue here, but now you all can interact with each! There a live text chat too!

Zombie, Zombie, Zombie!

I have found a new distraction. “Project Zomboid” is a isometric 2d zombie apocalypse sim!  The details are incredible!  I’m not going to spoil it for you but,  The first time I played this I accidentally burned down my house, the neighbors house, and the local apartment complex. It’s only $8 and it’ll include non-zombie diseases and a working water system (That may or may not get interrupted) sometime in the near future. There’s a free demo on their site at

along with more info. Go, Fight, Die!  (or you know, run away you cowards.)


Hiding in his basement, Mono

Mall Ninjas. Wow.

This probably the wierdest forum thread I ‘ve seen in a while.  Basicly, Two people (Gecko45 and SPECOPS) that are completely off their nut, Log onto a tactical weapons site and start spouting all manner of  wild stupidity.

It’s here in it’s entirety but I’ll post the best bits here.

The Bolded sections are waaaay out there.


I am the Sergeant of a three-man Rapid Tactical Force at one of America’s largest indoor retail shopping areas. Although there are typically between fifteen and twenty normal security officers working the beat there, we decided a while ago that it would be best to have a specilized force for violent individuals. We use modified electric vehicles and can be anywhere on a given floor within eight and a half minutes.Naturally, the regular security people are unarmed. We “RTFers”, by arrangement with the local police, carry high-strength OC spray and batons.

We meet at the range every night and shoot 400 rounds each through weapons that closely resemble our duty setup. We also practice unarmed combat. I am a Master of three martial arts including ninjitsu, which means I can wear the special boots to climb walls. I don’t think any of you are working as hard as I am to be prepared. I asked a serious question about tactical armor and I wanted a serious response. If you want to laugh at somebody, try laughing at the sheep out there who go to the mall unarmed trusting in me to stand guiard over their lives like a God.


We were previuosly restricted to .38’s and two Mossberg 500’s with less leathel rounds in them, but when our team saved the life and possibly the virginity of the Mayor’s nephew, there was a special relaxation of the rules made for us, due to the factt that the nepheew(who will remain nameless to rpevent a scandal) was saved by us using weapons better than our issue setup, so now we have good funding for gear for our jobs, and we needed to find relaible SMG’s, but the HK’s just wouldn’t cut it.

(Mono here, See what I mean? Off. The flipping. Deep end.)


BTW A one time experiementation while in the military, does not make one a homosexual. It’s when you practice it daily, like yourself, that you become a homosexual.



Same with those mindless teenyboppers who go to the Hickory Farms store, and then take double samples of fruitcake and cheeselog, you warn them that they will be charged with a felony(grand theft), and that if they attempt to fight and run, they will be, unfortunately, first tazered, and if they continue to resist violently with intent to maim, then wounded.


(Mono – WTF? Shooting someone over a cheese log? Sheesh what a grump.)



But then again I think of the mayors nephew, his face distored with tears and terror, the GAP employees who asked for my autograph, and had to settle for a cover identity’s signature, the flashbangs, and their acrid scent, the small of napalm in the evening breeze, as I crouch behind a shopping cart in the parking lot, the target practice with my dearest comrades and friends, the members of my teams, and our live fire exercises-Can I leave it all behind? should I?


We have a name for guys like you in the “industry”: fecal-freaks. One time I had to do an dynamic entry on the ladies bathroom, because some freak had snuck in there and was trying to smear excrement on one of the lady patrons.


(Mono- Ladies and gents, A dynamic entry is dynamic because of the explosives used. Since when do people blow up bathroom doors? Since when are bathroom doors constructed that well?)


That, is the myth of the mall ninja. It’s hilarious.


Till next time, Mono.


Violence. Again.

So, Oakland is still as stable as ever. And with the protesters in wall street being evicted, odds are the overall stability of the country will decrease. Still as fun as ever.


Over the weekend the members of the GIC went to various  locations for some well deserved R & R  and have returned relatively bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Might need to get that looked at Tim.)  Next podcast should be up sometime this week barring difficulties.

But until then, First “V for vendetta style” surveillance truck! Now the police can hear the hum of your televisons, the click of your computer mice, and the horrid whine of those vacuum shaped objects in you closets!  I’m taking bids on how long before someone slashes it’s tires.

Podcast #1 01/17/12



Myself and Tim in the first ever G.I.C. Podcast!

Government acting like SOPA is already passed. Oh, And the Internet war.

This morning  The U.S. Government arrested the owners  of, and shut down  “” One of the worlds largest filesharing sites on the grounds of criminally violating  United states copyright laws.   Now, Here’s the kicker, The website was Completely shutdown, without any due process, or trial. Now, since nobody else seems to be saying it, they always responded to files that were illegally uploaded. Even, in some cases being over zealous with their files deletions.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if they did it, they did it and they should be Dealt with accordingly.  But  the authority’s had no right to shut the site down without due process.  Also,  How did they get the  chat logs?  Now, Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the police need permission to retrieve chat logs?

Plus, Megaupload Provided hosting for many legitimate files. For instance, The podcast for the site was hosted on megaupload.  That wasn’t in violation of a copywrite law but, yet, I still lost my hosting capabilities.  Megaupload was probably engaging in illicit activities. But the way the site was taken down, (Foreign servers as well I believe) with no warning is the essence of the SOPA laws.  It’s just a small taste of whats to come if that bill passes.

Also, in retaliation for shutting down MegaUpload, The Hacker group Anonymous Hacked the DoJ, MIAA, MPAA, recordlabel EMI, French copyright authority HADOPI, The  US Copyright Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Site, And Universal Music’s Main website. All of them are, as of this post, Totally FUBARed. Over 5,600 DoSers(?) at once.

The Internet war is heating up.  Hold on to your hats people.

Yours Faithfully until the internet dies,

Mono The Elderish


I am proud to present the inaugural G.I.C. Podcast!    Due to hosting issues with wordpress the podcast is available through this link. The download is roughly 104 mb and features myself and Tim, One of two new contributors to the G.I.C.

A treatise on the Wonder of a particular online comic.

Read it. I just fond this Comic and I loved it. Witty and hilarious. And theres a talking mutant cat. What not to love?    I can’t say any more about except that its now On my reading list and it’s not going anywhere  Except maybe higher on the list.

The drawing is of the main character and was taken off the authors Deviant Art profile, Located here.  That is, The Picture.



Found a better picture. 

Marmitilious! (Marmite + Delicious) Which, Is incorrect.

Several days ago I was in the midst of a moderately bad cold. My dad, Paradigm of kindness that he is, Gave me a big spoonful of marmite. Its funny, I’ve never felt the urge to projectile vomit without having the stomach flu before. -_- I don’t think your supposed to eat marmite by the spoonful. It’s extremely salty along with a slightly nutty flavor and it’s never coming in this house again. I hear Vegimite is supposed to be better so I might be convinced to try that but Marmite is black-listed.  Well, After I finish this jar. (heh….heh….ha….haha……. bwahaHAHAHAAHAHAAA!  *Sniff* No but really this jar of marmite is probably going to buried with me. )

I really should watch what that man tries to push on me. First the Elderberry crap, Then the Marmite. Let alone what he MADE me eat when I was a kid. *shudder*

Watch what you eat. For your own safety.

Mono The Elder

Time Stealers! Yay!

Hessians. (british hired french mercenary regiment)

Hessians. (british hired french mercenary regiment)

Empire: Total War.  Its how the cool kids get out their world domination tendencies.   If you’ve ever played any of the “Total War” series this pretty much the same just streamlined and with naval battles.

I swear, This game is incredible.  I mean, I could get out all my benevolent Dictorial impulses. I mean, I don’t, (I’m a despotic son of a gun. ) But in theory, A person with a soul could.

In other news, I’m  sick with the sniffles.  My father, suggested that amongst other more common remedy’s (Mainly cough medicene) elderberry extract. Its this evil looking black liquid that suggests that its some kind of laxitive. Tastes like one too. But there’s no gag reflex so it’s alright with me. Not sure if it helped but it sure didn’t hurt either so, *shrug*

I’m just going to give the News a pass today. It all sucks. If your really curious just check out drudge report.


Hol-l-ly crap. Such a Nice year already.

Well.  Were doomed. Our president is illegally subverting our government right in front of us.

Sneaking  controversial new laws over a holiday,doing the same thing over a normal weekday (like, for instance, today.)  Check out drudge report for the latest.

Anyway, Other than that wonderful bit Of news Hopefully your holidays went without a hitch! The elder family gifted me a wonderful non-flesh eating computer full of wonderful distractions.

Oh, and the russians found a alien body.    I’m really quite skeptical of this for two reason.

1.  It looks like the widely accepted view of the proverbial “little Green Man” (Or LGM)   Why doesn’t anyone ever find a Alien that looks totally different from the stereotypical Big head skinny arms thing.

2. They found it in russia. It’s not like their known for their trustworthyness. You know, Not really.

3. Wtf.

4. Wtf?

What do you guys think?

Tell me…..

So tell me, What do you guys think of the NYC (and other) protesters?

Banning Inhalers? Are they nuts?!

The EPA has just announced that People will need to switch to prescription alternatives which will not only cost more, But will almost certainly be less effective.


This is why I am gladly awaiting the 2012 elections.



Mono The Elder

This site is now Anti-libtard, and Pro-Israel. If you don’t like it, You can get the hell off my lawn.

Well, they did it again. The libtards created a new site called “Attack Watch

It’s supposed to Prove that O’Bugger is actually NOT killing the country one kick at a time. I have disproved them.

“The Obama administration has strengthened our borders while making our immigration system smart and fair.”

Pffff! sure, that why citizens are being shot.

“President Obama is a friend to Israel, despite unfounded claims to the contrary.”

Right, Thats why we pressured them to give up their own (literally) God-given land. Lets try doing that to Great Britain.

“President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights.”

Uh Huh. Thats why he was talking about banning gun shows and loading them with illegal venders to entrap honest citizens.

“President Obama was born in the United States and is an American citizen, period.”

Bullshit. Utter libtard bullshit. The birth certificate was obviously faked. It was reviewed by experts who also said it was faked. Period.

“By providing assistance to auto companies, President Obama saved more than a million jobs and prevented the American auto industry from collapsing.”

Oh man, And gave china how many more? I Live in close proximity to the car industry and I can tell you first hand, Its STILL not going well. And hasn’t gotten better for any length of time.

“The Affordable Care Act promotes quality, affordable health coverage for all Americans, regardless of the industry they work in or their union status.”

While forcing you to wait months for sub-standard and over priced care. Which, as a taxpayer, they will actually pay more due to the tax increase.

“President Obama is eliminating outdated regulations while strengthening commonsense standards to promote health and safety.”

Oh, Wow. And here I thought he was just golfing. Obviously this hasn’t gotten to where I’M at since its still as  bad as ever. In fact, It got WORSE.

Oh oh! Don’t forget! He also won the nobel peace prize before he was done with his first year in orifice.

So, Yeah…      I’m pissed. That whole site is spin-control.