Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Car? What car?

Well,  I got a call today from my father.  Something about how the suspension of  our lil’ geo metro had failed in a spectacular way.  Got on the scene about a half hour later,  there was oil all over the road and the car was continuing to bleed out all over the road.  A helpful Neighbor (who shall here be immortalized as J.) Ran out with some non-scented kitty litter and helped my father spread it over the road.  Speaking of, my father is fine but, to quote him, “If I’dda been go’in any faster I’ve been FUBARED”   And he’s right. We were very lucky. The people around the crash were AWESOME. They came out and chatted with us for about an hour in the freezing cold weather until the truck came.


The car will probably never run again. Since there’s evidence the frame itself was broken in the crash. Bully. Awh well.


Mono the Elderish out.

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