Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Time Stealers! Yay!

Hessians. (british hired french mercenary regiment)

Empire: Total War.  Its how the cool kids get out their world domination tendencies.   If you’ve ever played any of the “Total War” series this pretty much the same just streamlined and with naval battles.

I swear, This game is incredible.  I mean, I could get out all my benevolent Dictorial impulses. I mean, I don’t, (I’m a despotic son of a gun. ) But in theory, A person with a soul could.

In other news, I’m  sick with the sniffles.  My father, suggested that amongst other more common remedy’s (Mainly cough medicene) elderberry extract. Its this evil looking black liquid that suggests that its some kind of laxitive. Tastes like one too. But there’s no gag reflex so it’s alright with me. Not sure if it helped but it sure didn’t hurt either so, *shrug*

I’m just going to give the News a pass today. It all sucks. If your really curious just check out drudge report.



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