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Marmitilious! (Marmite + Delicious) Which, Is incorrect.

Several days ago I was in the midst of a moderately bad cold. My dad, Paradigm of kindness that he is, Gave me a big spoonful of marmite. Its funny, I’ve never felt the urge to projectile vomit without having the stomach flu before. -_- I don’t think your supposed to eat marmite by the spoonful. It’s extremely salty along with a slightly nutty flavor and it’s never coming in this house again. I hear Vegimite is supposed to be better so I might be convinced to try that but Marmite is black-listed.  Well, After I finish this jar. (heh….heh….ha….haha……. bwahaHAHAHAAHAHAAA!  *Sniff* No but really this jar of marmite is probably going to buried with me. )

I really should watch what that man tries to push on me. First the Elderberry crap, Then the Marmite. Let alone what he MADE me eat when I was a kid. *shudder*

Watch what you eat. For your own safety.

Mono The Elder


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