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Crazy Civil War guy Part 2 Or, The Trash can of DOOM

So, After a extremely busy summer in which I posted almost nothing due to crazy-busy-scary-super-camp-timeism,  I’M BACK BABY!   I’ve just returned from my annual civil war re-enactment. The smoke, the Deep fried elephant anatomy, The crazy confederate supporting southern gentlemen referring to the  (insert organisation here) in washington. Ah, So good to be back. Kinda. I got home and took out the trash only to find out that some kind of bug has created a nest the size of a football (or rugby ball depending on your local.) it was full of nasty grubbish thingys. Not cool tiny bugs, Not cool.  So, I sprayed the entire thing with a raid-knockoff  brand and let it sit outside for a while. It’s still out there. And its seething. With evil. And on top of that, My evil computer that senses that it’s about to be replaced, bit me. Partially my fault, bit still the nerve

I stuck my finger into a fan by accident and the fan took a 1/2 a centimeter off my finger. Ouch. Stupid thing. I’m going to turn into a were-nerd now I just know it.  I’m not going to even start about politics. It’s all stupid, nobody is going to win, The End.    

Mono The Elder,


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