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So, This summer I’m putting off the yard Work and melting my brain with mindless video games. Lately the Stalker series (link) Which is some kind a realistic Almost kinda horror game. Based around the 1986(?) Chernobyl Accident.  in this game you gotta scrounge Ammo and weapons from what you find, Since the “Stores” (trader NPC’s) have totally  Bonker Prices.  And if you Smash your gun against a rock (Not saying I’VE ever done anything like that <O.< o     o>.O>     O-o)     It breaks. If you go through the mud and then try and fired you gun is now a worthless P.O.S. until you can find a quiet moment and clean it.  And i was thinking, Wouldn’t be more interesting to have that kind of mechanic in games like say, Call of duty or Battlefield?  Call me crazy but I would Rather have a super immersive game where you die like crazy because the house fell ontop of you because some idiot Flew a blackhawk into it,    then  live because the house is a hard object.  Speaking of that general kind of thing,  I read of the Data Realms hope page that someone is making a volumetric 3D game engine (For you non- Computer nerds,  It means that if you have a shovel you can tunnel through 3D terrain. )  It uses a atom-based engine instead of the more common Sprite based engines (this is after a quick speed read)  if this guy gets through the dev stage we could start seeing Incredibly detailed games! Like Digging into the side of a mountain to evade enemy fire etc.  I’m looking foward to this!  (Link)

Mono the Elderish


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