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Well, he’s dead… Right?

So,  Bin llama is finally dead!  Well, I’ve heard a lot of  rumors floating around that he’s been dead since 2007.  Now, Really folks,  A:  We might’ve known where he IS since ’07 but if he was frozen then how could his daughter see the seal team shoot him?   Another thing that’s said to show that he was killed in ’07 is  “Why else did they bury him at sea and so fast?” Well, Correct me if i’m wrong but A: is the muslim custom to bury their dead within 24 hours.  B: they didn’t want a shrine. and C: they wanted to get the creepy dead guy off their ship.  I think that’s GOTTA be worse luck than a woman on board…

But, Apperantly not EVERYONE is happy about this whole “laden  get killed” thing. I’ll Assume that my readers have been aware of the students protesting the celebrating of his death?  Well, I’m not celebrating the death of a human being. I’m celebrating the fact that justice was done, FINALLY.

Anyway,    Good tidings and all that.



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