Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Video Player Blues…

Well,   VlC player is on the fritz for some reason.  It’s Refusing to play anything longer than about five minutes, then it’ll freeze the video, keep the audio going and then completely Fail.  Seems like it’s a problem with the version (1.1.5) If anyone finds a fix lemme know. PLZ.  This is very annoying.  Anyway, on top on that, I seem to have some kind of head cold.  Must be due to the relatives cooking.  Ah well.    I’m also getting some more tech soon to keep my ‘ol dinosaur limping along. Yay!  Hopefully it’ll last for a ‘lil longer. Then i can get one of those new fangled quad cores!

Anyway,  Toddles! (toodles? )  M.T.E.



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