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On the Road again!




Well, I’m going on  another road trip! And since i don’t Have a laptop, There will be a weekish cease in blogging (that doesn’t mean you have to stop visiting of course. lol…. I am shameless….) So, in the mean time i’ll suggest a couple of Blogs to entertain you while I’m traveling! first,   S. Weasel, Love it! Read it! Second is Jumping in Mud Puddles And finally, Aardvarks   and Asshats – The Snarking Hopefully These blogs will entertain you while I’m gone!


Till next time,    M.T.E.    (oh and that missile thingy? T’was apparently a single engine jet. I Call B.S. on that…. but eh, oh well…. )




2 responses

  1. Have a great road trip! Safe travel!

    November 12, 2010 at 7:54 pm

  2. Thanks! It’s going to pretty cold where i’m going but hopefully it won’t snow too much! I’ve been stuck in the middle of a highway way too many times already, I don’t want it to happen again! Then again, We might hit Some form of big quadruped, like a moose… That’d be…. interesting….. I mean I’m trying to avoid that, but at least it’d break up the monotony a bit…. That, and I’ve never hit a moose before…..


    November 12, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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