Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Busy, Busy, Busy…..

VERY Busy day….

Brought in more wood, in the rain…. (about 5 cords worth.)  By the time I was done I was cold, soaked to the bone, and craving a pastry….    But when I got done I sat down and Watched “Metropolis” (a AWESOME anime) and then slept most of the day… (thus the late post) All this after a Horrible nights sleep last night….   It’s been a interesting day….. In fact its about to be more interesting (storms on the way and me without a surge protector….) so in order to save my computer I may have to cut this short….    Check the (note: Dem voter fraud in nevada) for the news….  (found a pair of boxers in my trash can today. Butternut squash time. and M-80 time. and….. pastry time.



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