Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Winterizing…… Yay. Time to break out the Cheese-whiz!

Today was spent bringing in wood for the woodstove and  50 cans of cheese-whiz (to last us through the frigid months ahead.) along with many purchases of flashlights, battery’s, and the standard 20 pounds of salt.  All this to last us through the weeks without power or civilization you may say? Yes.    Man doesn’t live on bread alone, he also uses cheese-whiz. Cheese-whiz and video games…   Anyway,  we should get snow soon. Then it will be shovels,  road-salt,  and the ever entertaining blizzard….  Meh, it could always be worse…. We could run out of cheese-whiz…

Anyway,    Off to stock up for the winter. (that’s code for “Where’s my oreo’s!  )



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