Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Riots? no Mcdonalds anymore? have no Fear! retreat to your house/basement-cave!

And to relieve boredom while in said house cave,    STUFF!!

If you happen to have Half life 2…

1. Half-life wars  turns half-life 2 into a Real.Time. Strategy  game. it how i get my psychopathic tendencies out….  😀

2. SMOD, redoes the campaign while adding a “instant action” mode and 20 awesome weapons!  (VERY HARD I totally suck at this and normally pretty good at fps’s)  V8 is the  current at time of post.

if your new to Steam (the launcher for many  of these new fangled games, here’s a link to all the free steam games! (you new to install steam first. they don’t work without it <[:C  (miibs)

(i’d research the games before download,  some of ’em are pretty sucky.  but hey, free stuff!)

Also,    have you ever wonders if  the U.S.S enterprise was bigger than the death star? ( you  could probably figure that one out on your own. Lol. )

this site put is all into relative perspective! Seems like the guy has a bit too much time on his hands though….. meh,  still a cool site…

anyway, There’s a apple pie in the kitchen with my name on it.



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