Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

…. Ugh, a fine for not locking your car? Whats next? Checking if the windows are locked on your house?

A  Philly Suburb is considering implementing a citation and fine for leaving your car unlocked. If people want to risk their cars i say let’em. Let the police do something worthwhile….  and isn’t that a job for the actual “traffic cops” ? (there’s a difference.)  ugh.

Also,  A scientist has discovered a signal (supposedly) from a planet  in the habitable region of a star   (Phah, who needs aliens?  I’ve got a cookie. )

Oh, and before I forget, the deadpool is still open. If you notice anybody’s pick has “Kicked The Bucket”  lemme know. I’m notoriously forgetful (that and I don’t really watch the news. )



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