Semi-Daily, Bunches of fun!

Another road trip! Yay…. (Also, NATIONAL SQURRIEL MONTH!)

So,  Soon I will be yet again stuck in a canvas tent for the weekend. With numerous competitions  and with a abnormal weather pattern ( Since every time I go to these things  it seems to rain)  There’s no doubt in my mind that i’ll be tromping through the woods looking for a dropped cellphone/lost shoe/ false teeth, whatever have you.  Hmm,    I wonder how the odds of getting my face eaten  by raccoon or a possum is? Any way, posts might get a little unreliable for a bit. (until next monday that is)   Also, This Month is National Squirrel Month!! (apparently)  I’m Celebrating  by  camping in a Freak’in tent. I Also plan to feed my right foot’s Big toe to a Squrriel during this period. (Just kidding. It’ll be a Raccon. )

Anyway, Till Next time,  <Insert Something Clever Here >



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