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Anyone else hear the 1980’s calling?

“Slow News week”. Well, it was nice while it lasted…

Two russian planes buzzed the U.S.S. Taylor last week. One was a Maritime patrol, the other, a helicopter.  Hmm, I hear the 80’s calling. here’s the link.

So while i scampered around the net today I noticed this story about this thing called “The Bloop”. It’s  a  “ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound.” I went to the wiki page and the have a wav there (not a download)   it’s really wierd. If you’ve got the time I’d DEFINITELY check this out. It’s worth five minutes of speculation. (along with that heres another site devoted to “the Bloop”, what it ever is…) and the guy running it is trying to draw a line between h.p. lovecrafts novel, “the call of cuthulu”  and the bloop. Just FYI.)

Also, if you see a story that you want me to perhaps do a post on, email me at!  I might ignore it! Or not! it’s really more of a crapshoot than anything else!


P.S.  and I guess I should post the email in the “about” section.


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