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Tents, Bugs, and E.M.T.’s (and too many crazy’s)

not the actual dude. (i love how you can google, "old guy red scooter"and come up with this)

So, This weekend i submitted myself to  a small, cramped, tent.  Along with insanely overpriced food and drink, none of it  all that good. Except this ONE stand (out of like 15)  which sold this really good Birch beer (like rootbeer only MUCH better tasting) and this  AWESOME lemonade.  It was at this civil war reenactment where I volunteered over the weekend  (why? Not sure.) to do various odd jobs like park cars and block traffic.  So while i was there parking cars, this older guy with a red scooter, comes up to me and asks why the <insert group i am affiliated with here >  wasen’t prepared in WASHINGTON D.C. (thats pretty dang far from where i live….  Like around 350 miles away.) when it rained. So, here I am sitting here with this stupid look on my face, with traffic backing up, (25,000ish people at this thing)  and this guy just scoots away on his hover round, just as quick as he came up.  After  maybe 30 more minutes of  trying to park cars, getting flipped off, ignored, and almost hit by many,  many   cars,  here comes “skippy”  again  now sporting a union and a confederate flag from his scooter,  This time i’m talking to one of the other “valets” (I guess.) and i happened to laugh. So he finally gets to where i’m at and the first thing out of his mouth is “I can see you laughing at me from Waaay over there.”  “Way over there” was about 300 ft away. I told him i was laughing at some people dressed like hobbits. Which, was pretty much everyone in sight. So, after that, he scooted off again and i didn’t see him again. (yay.)

Not to say that there wasen’t any shortage of nutjobs. One older lady asked to hold my hand. Not sure how to handle that. But besides that, It was INSANELY hot (90+ at the least) and im on a asphalt parking lot. We had people dropping like flies. and on the last day there, they canceled the “battle” for that day. Not that i blame them. I mean marching and  shooting in dark blue wool crap? (and tan wool crap.) it would’ve been even worse then it was for me just sitting there. but that was just the first bit of “lovely” . The first night there, i woke up in the middle of the night and heard a bit of noise, so i thought that it MUST be time to get moving. So i get all my stuff ready, (no phone. trip through the washer. no new one yet. )  get dressed for the day walked outside while trying not to step on anyone, and its  3 am. <insert expletive here> .  So after lying back down  and crawling into my sleeping bag (trying not to wake anyone up.) i hear (what sounded like) this kid walking into our campsite and having a panic attack.  yay.  I’m so glad to be home. In the A/C. with technology. without crazy drivers. yaaaay.

well, ’till the next time I almost get hit by a car,

Monotone, The Elderish


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  1. I read the story behind the pic and apparently that guy went down a highway in england on that thing. the guys got guts i’ll give him that.

    August 29, 2010 at 4:37 pm

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