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A Treatise on the Subject of ye comics.

Well assuming your reading any of this…    a list of comics that have caught my fancy. Most of ’em are for older audiences…..  just fyi but they do have some other ones you just gotta sift….. and sift……  or google….. then sift…..

1.DMZ (awesome about a modern civil war in manhattan)

2. City of dust  (like blade-runner, kinda dark, gory, awesome,)

3. The Couriers ( the stories of two mercenary couriers in and around new york)

4.Last of the indenpendents (graphic novel about three bank robbers)

5.  The Boys (a series about what if  super heroes weren’t so super. )

6.Unknown Soldier (it follows this dude who hears a militarily Savvy voice in his head )

7. 4 eyes (dragons in the 1930’s.  )

8. Fahrenheit 451  just like the classic novel. I  love  this one.

9. Hellcyon  issue one seemed good. thats all i’ve read with this one though. ( hasent come out with the second one yet and i like to read in order.)

10. Do androids dream of electric sheep?  (another blade-runner-like comic series. still, its pretty good.

Ok, i’m done for  now. Tell me if you find any good ones or what you thought about the ones i got up already!

Before i forget   all this reading material can really pile up. I REALLY suggest using “ComicRack”(  to organize.  it also saves space since you dont need to un-compress stuff to read it.

happy reading!


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